About Octohost

A Fresh Take on Game Server Hosting

"Why should people pay more money for a crappy, shared Minecraft server, when VPS servers are faster, and often cheaper?"

Our cofounders pondered on this question while sitting in a Seattle area coffee shop. After doing some research into this niche industry, they decided they could do it better. All the existing hosts seemed to follow the same formula:

How to be a shared host:


Buy (or steal) a license for WHMCS software.


Rent a big server from OVH or a similar dedicated host.


Install Pterodactyl or Multicraft and a WHMCS plugin. Buy (or steal) a premade website template and call it a day.

For our cofounders, this simply wouldn't do. They believed that what gamers truly needed was a way to bridge the gap between the simplicity of shared hosting, and the speed, security, and value of a VPS. On that day Octohost was born.

Since our inception, we raised $20,000 in seed venture capital, and have since created hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of value for our customers, shareholders, and employees.